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Model 125

Cantilevered gates are designed for use with gravity wheel, gravity roller, and powered roller conveyor sections, permitting temporary access through the conveyor line. These gates are used primarily when the weight of the gate section makes the lift effort exceed a maximum of 40 pounds.

Additional Information

Cantilevered Gate Specifications: Gates are constructed with 2-1/2" formed channel for steel or aluminum wheels, and 1.9" gravity rollers. Formed 3-1/2" channel is used for 1.9" powered rollers. A limit switch is included to signal gate closure. Gate Lengths: Available in 42" and 48" long based on the elevation required at the conveyor section feeding the gate. Power supply specifications for motorized roller gates: 342-528VAC 3-Phase input, 26VDC 3.8A output, Class 2. Lead Time: 5 weeks for all gates.

Additional types of conveyor equipment is available, please ask us if you are looking for something else.