Belt Live Roller APC

Model 9265 Automatic Pressure Conveyor (APC) provides air operated roller accumulation. Model 9265 is a system of photoeyes, reflectors, power supplies and interconnections on a conveyor assembly. It is designed to be the lowest cost solution to conveying and accumulating packages of widely varying weight and size.

No control equipment or circuitry is provided with these units. Continuous and Adjustable Channel Guard Rail: 12 gage galvanized steel, 1-5/8" high with 1-5/32" flanges. Adjustable vertically and horizontally with supplied mounting hardware. Available in straight lengths and curves. R1400 Floor Supports: Formed steel, adjustable height 24" through 36", at 1400 lb capacity. 30 degree adjustable pitch top bracket. R3000 Supports: 3-1/2" formed channel, adjustable heights, 12" though 84" at 3000 lb capacity. Other height ranges available. Lead Time: 6 weeks

Model 9265

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