Frequently Asked Questions

I have application questions, who do I contact for help?
Our experience staff is here to help! Please call 800-530-9153 8:00-4:30 EST, or send an email to
Does Dematic offer more products that are not shown on the web?
Yes, Dematic offers a wide range of material handling equipment and services to fit almost every logistic need. Contact 800-530-9153 for complete details.
Can Dematic contact me before my order is finalized to ensure its correct?
Yes, A Dematic engineer will review each order and provide a firm quote prior to processing your order.
How do I install Dematic conveyor?
Installation and service manuals are available on this website which provides detailed instruction.
Can Dematic install my conveyor for me?
Yes, contact Dematic at 800-530-9153 for further details.
Who do I contact if my conveyor needs servicing?
Dematic is available 24/7 to provide emergency or planned servicing. Call 800-530-9153 for further details.
What is Dematic’s return policy?
Most equipment available on this website is made to fit your specifications and our full return policy can be found here.
What is Dematic’s shipping policy?
We promptly ship your conveyor according to our agreed up terms. You can find our shipping policy described here.
How long is the warranty period on my conveyor?
Dematic warranties all hardware excluding wearable items for a period of 1 year from date of shipment.
What are Dematic’s terms and conditions?
The Dematic terms and conditions of sale can be found here.