Shipping Policy and Options for DematicDirect Items

Dematic typically ships conveyor sections and other equipment from Grand Rapids, Northern Ohio, or Memphis via contracted freight carriers. We will choose the best option available for your situation, but if you have preferences or specific needs please let us know. A charge for freight will be added to the equipment price. You may also provide an alternative carrier and your carrier account number or third party billing details.

We typically use Old Dominion Freight Line for large equipment and other LTL shipments. For small parcels we often use FedEx Priority, and can arrange for other delivery options to meet your preferences.

If any materials sent by Dematic arrived damaged or arrive missing anything, please:

  • Indicate any possible damage or missing freight on the carrier's bill of lading upon receipt.
  • For small parcel, indicate possible damage/shortages on electronic sign-off pad.
  • Contact Dematic within 5 business days to report damage/shortages, and initiate a replacement order and return authorization

Questions or comments regarding your shipment? After your order has shipped, please contact us by phone or email us.